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A Documentary Film that explores the resurgence of audio storytelling as it grows from a vivid passion to an extraordinary worldwide industry.

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Ira Glass (This American Life)

Jad Abumrad (Radiolab)

Kaitlin Prest (The Heart/ Mermaid Palace) 

Aaron Mahnke (Lore)

Sean Rameswaram (Today, Explained / Vox)

Josh Clark (Stuff You Should Know)

Phoebe Judge (Criminal/This is Love)

Lauren Spoher (Criminal/This is Love)

Glynn Washington (Snap Judgement)

Amanda Lund (The Complete Woman, Earios)

Avery Trufelman (99% Invisible, Nice Try)

Roman Mars (Radiotopia /99% Invisible)

Al Letson (Reveal)

Paul F. Tompkins (Bojack Horseman)

Scott Aukerman (Comedy Bang Bang) 

Kevin Smith (Smodcast/ Famous Director Dude)

Scott Mosier (Smodcast)

Stephanie Foo (This American Life/Snap Judgment)

Phoebe Lett (New York Times Contributor)

Jake Shapiro (PRX)

Matt Gourley (Conan O’Brien needs a Friend Podcast)

Hernan Lopez (Wondery)

Shereen Lani Younes (Ethnically Ambiguous)

Jesse Thorn (BullsEye / Maximum Fun) 

and many more.

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Inside the Podcast

The film examines the art form, the technology, emerging monetization models, the highly engaged communities, the struggles and triumphs of creating a whole industry from a human voice.

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Directed by

Shaun Michael Colón

Cinematography by 

Joel C. Herrera

Produced by

Geoffrey James Clark

Shaun Michael Colón

Catherine Mullen 

Executive Producers

Bryn Mooser

Justin Lacob

Featuring Music by 

The Mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder

XTR / Futurism / [open-ended] films 

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