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Age of Audio (coming soonish)

In the 21st century, audio storytelling, one of the oldest forms of entertainment, experienced a remarkable resurgence, giving birth to the new medium and industry of podcasting. The documentary "Age of Audio" delves into this revival, offering insights into the history and impact of audio storytelling as it evolves. It showcases the perspectives of influential creators in the podcasting world, exploring themes such as creative freedom, financial success, and worker exploitation. The film traces the journey of podcasting from its indie radio origins to its current mainstream prominence and the influence of platforms like Spotify, providing a glimpse into its potential future. With contributions from revered hosts like Ira Glass, Jad Abumrad, Kara Swisher, Roman Mars, and indie podcasters such as JT Green and Kaitlin Prest, the documentary paints a vivid picture of the art form, technology, emerging monetization models, and the highly engaged communities that have shaped this industry. Through the lens of these creators, "Age of Audio" weaves an intimate, often humorous, and sometimes harsh narrative that vividly portrays the struggles and triumphs inherent in building an entire industry from the power of the human voice

About the Film

Honored and Humbled to be a 2023 recipient of the Austin Film Society "North Texas Pioneer Award" Film Grant.




Marc Maron (WTF Podcast, Comedian)

Ira Glass (This American Life)

Jad Abumrad (Radiolab)

Kaitlin Prest (The Heart/ Mermaid Palace) 

Aaron Mahnke (Lore)

Sean Rameswaram (Today, Explained / Vox)

Glynn Washington (Snap Judgement)

Amanda Lund (The Complete Woman, Earios)

Avery Trufelman (99pi, Articles of Interest)

Roman Mars (Radiotopia /99% Invisible)

Al Letson (Reveal)

Fred Armisen (SNL, Portlandia)

Paul F. Tompkins (Bojack Horseman)

Scott Aukerman (Comedy Bang Bang) 

Rob Rosenthal (, Sound School Podcast)

Emmanuel Dzotsi (This American Life, Serial, Reply All)

CC Paschal (Louder than a Riot, Uncivil)

Kevin Smith (Smodcast/ Famous Director Dude)

Scott Mosier (Smodcast)

Stephanie Foo (This American Life/Snap Judgment)

Phoebe Lett (New York Times Contributor)

Jake Shapiro (PRX)

Matt Gourley (Conan O’Brien needs a Friend Podcast)

Hernan Lopez (Wondery)

Shereen Lani Younes (Ethnically Ambiguous)

Jesse Thorn (BullsEye / Maximum Fun) 

Adam Curry (The Podfather) 

Kara Swisher (Pivot, On, Code Conference)

Ben Hammersley (Futurist, Tech Reporter)

Skye Pillsbury (The Squeeze)

JT Green (Molten Heart)

Tom Webster (Sounds Profitable, Frm. Edsion Research)

+ Many More!





Shaun Michael Colón


Shaun Michael Colon is an American filmmaker, writer, and producer, best known for his documentary film "A Fat Wreck", which chronicles the history and impact of the punk rock record label Fat Wreck Chords. He is known for his passion for audio, his prioritization of collaboration, community, social awareness, inclusivity in art, and his efforts to document, promote and support art & culture through his work

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Joel Herrera


is a Cinematographer, Photographer, and an Award-Winning Screenwriter who works with [open-ended] Films producing documentaries, music videos, and narrative film content. Joel is a proud father and a horror movie enthusiast. When he’s not filmmaking, you’ll find him sitting behind a set of drums or playing Nintendo. Joel has directed, produced, and filmed/photographed for numerous clients such as Netflix, The CW, The Dallas Cowboys, and numerous notable music acts worldwide. Joel is a Full Sail University Alumni.

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Amy Grumbling

(Editor/Story Producer)

Amy (she/her) is an award-winning, Maine-born, Brooklyn-based freelance filmmaker with nearly two decades of experience. Her work explores the intersections of art, science, nature, identity, and memory. She co-produced the acclaimed documentary "Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis." Amy is passionate about improving access to media production and supporting emerging and indie media makers. She's taught filmmaking from Maine to NYC and previously directed Continuing Media Education at DCTV. Her work has screened at international festivals. She is developing her first audio documentary limited series, in which she uses her experiences as a beekeeper in Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery as a lens into the history of the cemetery's "permanent residents," the natural world, and the happenings of the surrounding neighborhood. For this, she was selected for a residency at Hewnoaks Artist Residency in 2022, where she met fellow artist, AoA producer, and delightful human CC Paschal in person for the first time!

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Geoffrey James Clark

(Executive Producer)

Geoff Clark is a highly experienced Director, Producer, and Executive Producer in film and television with nearly two decades of diverse projects. As the founder of Futurism Studios, he's been involved in groundbreaking works like the sci-fi film "2067," the blockchain documentary "Trust Machine," and the scripted series "Glimpse" for Facebook Watch. Additionally, his portfolio includes the surf documentary "And Two If By Sea," the social action film "Isolated," and the YouTube Premium Original "Tyler Shields: Provocateur." Clark's wide-ranging expertise is represented by the William Morris Endeavor Agency, making him a significant presence in the industry.

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Ellen Horne
Producer / Story Editor 

Ellen Horne is the director of NYU's Podcasting and Audio Reportage program. In 2003, after meeting Jad Abumrad at a conference, she started volunteering at WNYC. A dozen years later, after rising from intern to executive producer of Radiolab, she was lured to Audible to launch Audible Originals, an experience that radicalized her into becoming a journalism professor. In addition to producing podcasts, she develops and directs live theatrical performances and has recently begun making audio installations. In 2020, she produced and hosted Jigsaw Production's Lies We Tell, on Luminary, and in 2023, she produced Admissible, an investigative series about forensic evidence. When she heard about this movie she could not not be involved. 

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CC Paschal
Story Consultant

Hager Eldaas is an Egyptian-American, New York-based audio producer. She is currently producing finance and economics stories at BiggerPockets. At BP, Hager is part of an experimental team whose goal is to introduce narrative storytelling elements to the network's fleet of interview chat shows. Hager is most interested in telling stories about the Middle East and North Africa and the diaspora. She is now working on making the leap into documentary filmmaking to explore the region's rich history and present cultural influence. When she’s not working, she’s hanging out with her cat and dog, baking or listening to old Arabic music. 

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Breakmaster Cylinder, the enigmatic musical maestro, crafts infectious tunes that stick with you like a pleasant surprise. Despite the unconventional name, this anonymous artist adds a touch of magic to your daily soundtrack. Excitingly, the upcoming documentary "Age of Audio" will showcase Breakmaster Cylinder's music, promising a unique sonic experience.

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Breakmaster Cylinder

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Charlie Uniform Tango

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